California’s Advanced Energy industry needs highly skilled workers – 15,000 more of them every year. Community colleges are uniquely positioned to meet this need. The Energy Construction and Utilities Sector initiative engages education and industry stakeholders to amplify student success in delivering the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for rapid technological advances.

A team of Energy, Construction and Utilities specialists manage this initiative, building industry and education collaboratives that help drive long-term economic growth. Working with faculty, this team facilitates development of regional career pathways that map to priority industry needs.


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What is the Energy Construction and Utilities Sector?

It’s a collection of Industries engaged in deploying and managing technologies related to the generation, distribution, storage, and efficient use of energy. The sector represents three industry clusters:

  • Energy efficiency that encompasses firms engaged in energy planning, installation, and management with the purpose of making new and existing buildings more energy efficient.
  • Construction, that propagates the skills necessary to make energy efficiency a reality through best building & construction practices.
  • Utilities that are primarily focused on generating, transmitting, and delivering electric power; distributing natural gas and water, and collecting and treating waste water.

In general, occupations in this sector span the electricity value chain from the generating plant to the wall socket, with an analogous range of occupations in natural gas, water, and waste water. Please refer to the Advanced Transportation and Renewables Sector website for information on its energy initiatives in solar and wind, plus automotive and fuel applications.