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With 15,000 Advanced Energy job openings in California every year, the community colleges are critical to sustaining growth of this sector. Industry needs a more robust entry-level worker pipeline and programs that bridge skills gaps among incumbent workers, for which the community colleges are perfectly positioned.

But how do you engage industry in amplifying student success, identifying employment opportunities, and creating pathways for lifelong learning?

by discovering a new resource...

We are the Energy Construction & Utilities Sector Team, a new resource for regional and statewide alignment of community colleges’ programs with the Advanced Energy sector. As an initiative under the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy framework, we facilitate regional collaboratives that partner colleges with a critical mass of employers to improve student success.

Please contact us if your programs involve electrical, mechanical, information systems, construction, engineering, and architecture, and you want better alignment with the Advanced Energy jobs market. Some of these programs – such as HVAC – are specific to the Advanced Energy sector, while others can benefit from curriculum that bridges skills gaps identified by industry.

to benefit your programs:

Key Benefits

  • Identify and Bridge Skills Gaps
  • Upgrade Programs to Industry Standards
  • Develop Regional Career Pathways
  • Build Industry Support for Student Success
  • Market the Value of Community Colleges

Key Initiatives

  • Building Operations Professionals
  • Regional standards-based HVACR collaborative
  • Advanced lighting control systems
  • Control systems in commercial and industrial automation
  • Building Science
  • Energy analysis and auditing
  • Facilities management

Additional initiatives are Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Charging, managed by the Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy Sector Team.

Strong Workforce Investment Solutions

We have customizable solutions to build new or enhance existing ECU programs in five disciplines: Advanced Lighting Controls, Energy Analytics & Auditing, Building Science, Facility Management, and HVACR & Building Automation Controls.  Learn more, customize your program, and contact us.

“California ranks as the #1 best state for clean energy jobs”

Forbes Magazine, March 12, 2013