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The Sector Team’s Value-Add for Educators

With the support of the ECU Sector Team, community college faculty may access industry expertise and resources to better equip their students with the priority knowledge and skills required by local employers. Our charter is to help faculty advance students’ career pathway development.

What We Do

Our industry background enables us to to help community college educators throughout California prepare students to bridge workforce skills and knowledge gaps. When invited by faculty, we identify employer priorities for student learning outcomes, address the colleges’ capacity for meeting labor market demand, and streamline adoption of new industry codes and standards.

We provide these support services to community college educators and administrators:

  • Employer Engagement: Bringing together a critical mass of employers across a region to address workforce needs, provide internships, and offer employment opportunities.
  • Capacity Planning: Working with educators and employers to match the number of student completers with regional labor market demand.
  • Skills Gap Analyses: Identifying priority workforce skills needed by employers, tied to industry certifications as appropriate.
  • Best Practices: Drawing from nationally-recognized research and proven models that can be applied to energy efficiency and utility programs.
  • Regional Collaboration: Developing long-term collaborations between colleges in a particular discipline with affiliated industry stakeholders, workforce investment boards (WIBs), and workforce intermediaries.
  • Expert Networks: Engaging faculty in networks that advance professional development and optimize the use of educational resources across a region.

Our Current Initiatives

Our partnerships with industry associations and Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) have resulted in a number of statewide and regional initiatives that can benefit community colleges, such as:

  • Building Operations Professionals: A High Performance Building Operations Professional program is planned for development, based on a recent US Department of Energy Job Task Analysis.
  • HVACR: A multi-college regional collaborative in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties to better align HVAC and Refrigeration programs and career pathways with a critical mass of employers.
  • Lighting: New courses and industry certifications are now available within the California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP).
  • Control Systems: An ISA Certified Control Systems Technician course is now in development for integration into HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer and Information Systems programs.
  • Building Science: A whole building approach incorporating leading-edge design and construction for commercial buildings.
  • Energy Analysis & Auditing: A complete 30-unit program that can be adopted as a whole or in modular form to add energy auditing and analysis to current career pathways.

Educators and school administrators are welcome to participate in our Initiatives and Expert Networks – which vary by locale to meet specific regional needs.