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Expanded Partnerships with Industry

The ECU Sector Team welcomes educators into regional industry partnerships that enhance responsiveness to complex and rapidly evolving markets. These deep regional relationships can enrich opportunities for student completions, work experience, and employment.

What Kind of Partnerships?

Real innovation characterizes these partnerships, enabling community college educators to expand workplace relevance in their programs. Typical partnerships allow educators to:

  • Create a critical mass for more robust career pathways by amplifying engagement with utilities, professional services firms, contractors, regulators, and associations.
  • Build a robust environment for advanced career pathways to emerge through deeper relationships with other community colleges, apprenticeships, universities, community-based organizations, and funding sources.
  • Enhance faculty professional development through “Expert Networks” which offer rich sources of leading-edge industry expertise around key energy efficiency and utilities technologies.
  • Cultivate sustainable programs and career pathways through regional structures that address evolving industry needs.

What Partnerships are Available?

Join an Initiative . Educators are invited to explore opportunities with other colleges in industry partnerships to advance these Initiatives:

Join an Expert Network . Learn from industry experts and collaborate with your peers in other colleges to enrich student learning experiences. New professional development opportunities for faculty, enabled by the Sector Team, create “expert networks” that offer sustainable sources of leading-edge industry expertise around key technologies.

The nature of participation in our Initiatives and Expert Networks may vary by locale because of regional variations in mission, scope, and structure.