Professional development for California community college faculty is a top priority for the Energy Efficiency & Utilities Sector. Faculty-led “Expert Networks” provide an opportunity for faculty to share their ideas, expertise, instructional methods, and learning opportunities across a region among their peers. In some cases, these Expert Networks extend across multiple regions throughout the state community college system.

Members of an Expert Network can access new industry expertise, build regional advisory councils, develop regional career pathways, and create a stronger engagement with employers. The Sector Team facilitates these Expert Networks in accordance with the objectives of participating faculty. Our goal is to amplify faculty understanding of industry labor market needs and key technologies and facilitate a shared vision for the community colleges’ regional response to their industry employer needs.

Expert Networks generally align with the Sector’s key initiatives, which are:

Please let the Sector Team know if you’re a faculty member who is interested in participating in an Expert Network. A member of the Sector Team will then contact you to discuss your interest and provide more information.

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