Create An Energy Efficiency Workforce

There is a growing disconnect between the skills employers in Advanced Energy Technology are seeking and those being cultivated through education today. An aging workforce, combined with the lack of qualified applicants, is creating a statewide need for quick and effective training and recruitment.

Skills Gaps Reduce Profitability

If you operate a commercial building, it’s likely that your workforce needs new skills to manage energy costs within an increasingly complex rate structure, tighter regulation, and new technology challenges.

If you offer construction or professional services for the built environment, you know the challenge of tough compliance rules and rapidly evolving technologies that has your workforce struggling to keep up.

The Gap is Widening

Competition for skilled workers will intensify as 40% of the energy efficiency workforce retires over the next five years. Some regions of California are already seeing three times as many energy efficiency job openings as qualified workers need to fill them.

The challenge for up-skilling the current energy efficiency workforce is daunting. Traditional electrical, mechanical, and construction jobs are evolving to an environment where control systems and software dominate.

Fill the Gap: Partner with the California Community Colleges.

Join the growing number of businesses and industry associations that collaborate with our expert team of Sector Navigators to meet their workforce needs. We talk your language and understand your business, helping the colleges translate your priorities into sustainable programs that build your 21st Century energy efficiency workforce. Check out our current initiatives.

“Business, educators and job trainers must align their efforts to make sure workers have the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.”