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The ECU Sector Team partners with industry across the electricity value chain - from the generating plant to the wall socket – as well as industries in natural gas, water, and waste water.

Collaborating with industry and education stakeholders, we build community college pathways to meet employment demand, bridge skills gaps, and provide ongoing professional development for workers.

We support the ECU industry in these ways:

  • Developing a skilled workforce and ensure compliance with the state’s energy policies.
  • Helping prepare faculty to integrate new industry standards into their curriculum.
  • Engaging industry leaders to align curriculum and training programs with industry demand.
  • Facilitating and developing industry collaborations to help create jobs throughout the state.

We Provide Innovative Workforce Solutions.

Staying alert to ever-changing industry needs, we help develop responsive new programs. Key education initiatives are constantly advancing throughout the state, such as:

  • Training for Building Operations Professionals at Laney College to evolve building efficiency to higher levels of compliance.
  • An HVACR collaborative led by Mt. San Antonio College which bridges the gap between workforce supply and demand across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.
  • New statewide educational programs which support higher levels of standards compliance for advanced lighting controls systems.
  • Workforce programs at Irvine Valley College that address the technology intersections across multiple industries: Energy Efficiency and Utilities; Advanced Manufacturing; ICT/Digital Media; Biotech, and Advanced Transportation/Renewable Energy.
  • Curriculum in the new fields of control systems in industrial automation, building automation, and environmental controls.
  • Integrating instructional materials from investor-owned utilities like PG&E into courses on building science, HVAC, lighting, and energy analysis and auditing.

The Bottom Line.

The ECU Sector Team is here to help develop the energy efficiency workforce to meet California’s mandates for energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings, and to support the evolution to Smart Grid technologies.