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Partnering for Growth

As you know, your workforce can be your competitive advantage or a barrier to growing your business. If you’re an industry stakeholder with workforce challenges, we invite you to partner with us on regional and/or statewide initiatives to develop your workforce for the complex and rapidly evolving energy efficiency market.

The ECU Sector Team connects industry with community colleges, professional services firms, contractors, regulators, and industry associations to create a robust environment for growth and standards compliance. Our partnerships build career pathways and a competent workforce - derived from industry priorities and mapped to key occupations and technologies as dictated by labor market demand.

Our Partnership Strategy

Our partnerships with industry typically follow this strategic approach:

  • Program Mapping: We analyze a particular industry’s needs and map them to the colleges’ capabilities across geographic regions.
  • Curriculum Infusion: We match local industry needs with student learning outcomes across regional community colleges, identifying and bridging skills gaps.
  • Lab Enhancement: We ensure that on-campus lab experiences are aligned with real-world applications and industry standards.
  • Employment by Design: We co-develop career pathways and industry certification programs to ensure that college programs will lead to greater hiring potential.
  • Pipeline Development: We refine college programs to supply the pipeline of workers needed by an industry.

Opportunities for Partnership

Our high-impact industry partnerships are designed to help the workforce develop new skills and to support current and evolving industry need. Our current initiatives include specialized programs for the following workforce categories:

  • Building Operations Professionals: Cultivating a new operations and maintenance workforce for high-performance buildings.
  • HVAC/R Technicians: Building standards-based regional career pathways for quality HVAC/R installation and maintenance.  Employers: Join the HVAC Collaborative to access highly-trained graduates for your business!
  • Advanced Lighting Control Specialists: Addressing the entire value chain - from decision-makers to architects and engineers, to installation, operations – on down to maintenance.
  • Control Systems Specialists: Evolving the current workforce for advanced skills in commercial and industrial automation.
  • Energy Efficiency Analysts and Auditors: Developing a workforce with the technical and business skills to inform investments in energy efficiency.
  • Facility Managers: Developing the pipeline to replace a generation of workers that is expected to retire in large numbers over the next five years.
  • Building Science for the Construction Trades: Infusing a “whole building” approach into the skills and knowledge required for energy efficient construction.

Learn more about our initiatives, and contact us if you would like to get involved in any of our endeavors. We’re here to help.