ECU Key Initiatives

Our Energy Construction and Utilities Sector team develops and executes initiatives which do the following:

  • Create new energy efficiency in non-residential buildings by addressing approximately 70% of current energy consumption. These initiatives involve electrical and mechanical systems for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR).
  • Provide significant improvements in energy efficiency through control systems that manage electrical and mechanical systems in non-residential buildings.
  • Integrate the design and construction of building enclosures through building science to create effective barriers against energy loss and improve long-term performance of the building's 'skin.’
  • Develop investment in energy efficiency by an increased focus on analysis and auditing in non-residential buildings to identify the economic benefits of energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Occupations

Typical occupations within the energy efficiency framework include:

Energy efficiency also includes the areas of environmental control technologies, building automation, energy management, micro-grids, and interconnection with utility energy control systems. Renewable energy initiatives are managed by the Advanced Renewables and Technologies Sector Team.

Advanced Renewables and Technologies Sector Team