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  • Industry: Read about the SB 350 Workforce Challenge.
  • ALL: The advanced energy market has grown 28% across the US in the past 6 years, supporting 3 million jobs. Read this jobs report from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute for 2017.
  • Faculty: Read this report from Applied Learning Science on HVACR Certificate programs at selected Southern California Community Colleges.
  • Faculty: New curriculum offerings in Advanced Lighting Controls, Facility Management, and HVACR are available as Strong Workforce Customizable Solutions - learn more.
  • Students: 375 high school and college students in the Central Valley had he opportunity to learn about energy efficiency jobs and apprenticeship opportunities. Read more here.
  • Industry: The Western HVAC Performance Alliance released this report on recruiting HVACR Technicians for the next decade.
  • Students/Faculty: See the "sweltering" demand for HVACR workers in this jobs report from Burning Glass.
  • Faculty: Read this report on Barriers and Opportunties in HVAC from UC Davis and the Research & Planning Group of the California Community Colleges (also on the Resources page under Education Resources).
  • Industry: Our High Performance Building Operations Professionals initiative has received the endorsement of BOMA California - read more here.
  • Students: Zero Net Energy is creating 15,000 new jobs - watch the video to see how you can take advantage of an Advanced Energy career!

Notable Events

  • Faculty: NCCER Instructor Certification Training is being offered from May 31-June 1 in Santa Clarita.  Download the flyer for more info.
  • Faculty: Trainer courses on OSHA 510 & 500 coming June 6-9 and July 31-August 3 at College of the Canyons. Download the flyer for more info.
  • Faculty: Save this (new) date for Expert Network Webinars on April 28, 2017 (was the 21st) in Advanced Lighting Controls and Sustainability, from 11:30am to 1pm.
  • Faculty & Industry: Save the date for regional meetings of the HVACR Employer Collaboratives on April 28, 2017. Details coming soon for events being held around the state.

In the News

  • E2.org has released a new study on Energy Efficiency Jobs in America - over 1.9 million jobs focused on energy efficiency with 13% job growth. California is the biggest market for energy efficiency workers, at over 320,000 jobs. Read the full report here.
  • The California Energy Commission released a study exploring barriers to and opportunities for expanding low-income customers’ access to energy efficiency, weatherization, and renewable energy investments. It also examines barriers and opportunities related to contracting with small businesses located in disadvantaged communities. This study provides recommendations intended to have a transformative effect on access to clean energy investments for low-income customers and local small businesses in disadvantaged communities. Read the study here.
  • ZNE is coming:  Read this story from NPR about San Francisco requiring rooftop solar on new commercial buildings beginning January, 2017.
  • Why Energy for Industry Matters:  Read this release from Siemens on why energy efficiency is important for industry.
  • California's ECU workforce is having a significant impact on energy consumption & energy efficiency.  This report says that California has the 4th lowest per capita energy consumption in the country.  Read more here.
  • Read this report from California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León on Prop 39 progress and impact on education around the state.
  • Zero Energy Buildings defined:  read this post on how the Department of Energy is refining the definition of Zero Energy Buildings to gain consistency across the industry.
  • The California Economic Summit has taken notice of our HVAC Employers Collaborative! Read more here.
  • Practice with Promise! Read about the Super-Regional HVAC Employers Collaborative that is bridging skills gaps and giving employers first dibs on qualified candidates to fill high-demand HVAC installer and technician jobs!
  • True, energy efficiency investment creates jobs...but how many?  Read this blog post from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The answer is encouraging!