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The Campus as a Living Lab

As community colleges redesign and retrofit campuses in greener ways, many forward-thinking institutions are using these projects as hands-on learning opportunities for students. These so-called “living laboratories” merge academics and campus facilities management to provide students with real-world skills and, for the institution, a path to meet its sustainability goals.

This guide is designed for community college personnel who are interested in launching or advancing effective living laboratory models on their campuses. Faculty, sustainability officers, and facilities staff, in particular, will find the information, best practices, and links useful.

Prop 39 Teachable Moments

The Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) can help the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) maximize the educational impact of Prop 39 capital infrastructure projects by helping develop programs along these lines.

Prop 39 Clean Energy Workforce Program Grant

Request for Applications (RFA) that established the Prop 39 Clean Energy Workforce Development Program, issued in December, 2013. The mission of the program is to contribute to the State’s job growth and economic vitality through regional training programs that result in the measurable and successful transition of CTE students from community colleges to careers in the Energy Efficiency & Utilities sector.

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