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San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley...the Bay Area is a dynamic and diverse region, ecompassing agribusiness to high tech to California’s Golden Gate.

Nine Community Colleges in the Bay Area region offer programs in energy efficiency, from Electronics to HVACR to Manufacturing Technology.

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Highlights & Success Stories

Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa used Prop 39 funds to develop OSHA 10 materials, enabling students to earn required certifications for energy construction jobs. Santa Rosa is now serving students and incumbent workers with this program.

Foothill College

Foothill has invested in Building Information Modeling tools that enable students to do cutting edge, energy efficient HVAC design. Journeymen and apprentices alike are adding to their skills and increasing the likelihood that they’ll win new business.

Skyline College

Skyline is taking Green Construction training on the road – literally! Skyline created a mobile classroom to deliver a college-level Green Construction Basics course to high school students right on their campuses, introducing students to great energy careers.