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Hollywood, Disneyland, and some of the great beaches of the world...Los Angeles and Orange County are the economic powerhouse of California.

Fifteen Community Colleges in the Los Angeles – Orange County region offer programs in energy efficiency, from Construction to Electronics to Environmental Controls Technology.

LATTC Construction, Maintenance & Utilities (CMU) Pathway


Don’t just imagine the future... Create it at El Camino!


Highlights & Success Stories

Cerritos College

Cerritos has updated its energy efficiency programs with new lighting & HVAC equipment, energy efficient milling and welding machines, and electrical diagnostic equipment. Students will be better equipped on the latest technologies.

Citrus College

With the drought so pressing on California, Citrus developed a new Water Use Efficiency course, leading to industry-recognized certifications. That means greater employability for students!

Cypress College

Cypress has deployed interactive simulation software that gives students the opportunity to face and troubleshoot real-world problems before they face them on the job.

El Camino College

El Camino has created a “living lab” for sustainability, incorporating real-world applications for sustainable energy into the classroom and campus life. Students are given opportunities to promote energy efficiency and sustainability at school and in the community. Investment in technology and curriculum is helping students make strides toward solutions to the problems of global climate change.

East Los Angeles College

50 students were able to take advantage of East LA’s Sustainable Energy course in the Electronics and Electronic Technology program. New skills certificates in energy and electronics enhance students’ opportunities for employment.

Glendale College

Glendale developed a new Energy Management course to bring students up to speed on Title 24 energy efficiency requirements, and enhanced its CNC milling program and equipment.

Irvine Valley College

Safety on the job is all-important, and students are able to take advantage of new, hands-on safety training hardware and equipment, preparing them for on-the-job requirements.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College

One LATTC student won top honors from a Metropolitan Water District contest for her project modeling a sustainable extension to the Santa Monica Pier. Her design creates energy and water supplies through solar panels, wind generators, rain water collection and ocean water desalination. Students are gaining valuable experience through internships and are winning top awards at prestigious competitions like Skills USA.

Los Angeles Valley College

LA Valley has a new AS degree and certificate program in Solar Energy Design and Management from which over 200 students are benefiting.

Mount San Antonio College

Mt. SAC is investing in HVAC equipment that is rapidly becoming necessary for an energy efficient future, and for which much of the current workforce lacks knowledge and experience. Mt. SAC’s graduates will be prepared to install, maintain, operate, and repair this equipment when they join the workforce.

Pasadena City College

PCC is teaming with a local employer to offer employees with continuing technical education in Electricity and Photovoltaics.

Rio Hondo College

Rio Hondo is enhancing its Carpentry program with Building Information Modeling equipment that models the efficiency impacts of coordinating all aspects of a building’s construction.

Santa Monica College

Santa Monica students are receiving industry-recognized energy efficiency certifications like NABCEP and LEED, increasing their employability.

Santiago Canyon College

Santiago Canyon is enhancing its apprenticeship training with building envelope modeling software and energy efficiency training equipment to train nearly 300 apprentices in Title 24 codes and standards.