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The gateway to the great Southwest, San Diego, Imperial, and the Inland Empire is a rugged and beautiful land of deserts, coast, mountains, and of diversity, industry, and trade.

Thirteen Community Colleges in the San Diego – Imperial – Inland Empire region offer programs in energy efficiency, from Construction to Electronics to Water Technology.

Highlights & Success Stories

Chaffey College

Chaffey is investing in electrical and electronics training, leading to a new manufacturing automation training program.

College of the Desert

Graduates of COD’s HVAC program are landing jobs earning >$25 per hour, with no prior experience before entering the program.

Cuyamaca College

Cuyamaca is investing in solar & advanced lighting controls, and in 3D printers to take advantage of advances in green manufacturing technologies.

Imperial Valley College

Imperial Valley is investing in HVAC and Building Construction Technology equipment and supplies to support instruction

MiraCosta College

Like Cuyamaca, MiraCosta is augmenting its solar demonstration equipment to give students hands-on experience, and is purchasing 3D printers for its manufacturing programs.

Norco College & Riverside City College

Investing in welding equipment to teach required skills for energy efficiency and manufacturing; students will gain experience with industry equipment used in NCCER certification.

Palomar College

Palomar is investing in programmable logic control software for their building automation lab equipment, and also investing in solar PV equipment to support hands on instruction.