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Want to Make the Green? Get into an Advanced Energy Career.

If you’re looking for strong earnings potential, the Advanced Energy field is a smart career move. There‘s a good chance you’ll have many well-paying job opportunities to choose from as this industry expands to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption on a massive scale.

Jobs in Advanced Energy require a solid foundation of technical knowledge and analytical abilities, as well as collaborative work skills and a strong work ethic. These are the career fields most in demand by Advanced Energy employers:

  • Installing, operating, and maintaining electrical and mechanical systems
  • Installing, operating, and maintaining control systems that drive commercial and industrial automation
  • Working with data to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions identifying new energy efficiency solutions at the intersection of business and technology.

Strong entry level compensation and long-term income potential create a winning combination in this industry. Also, technical skills for Advanced Energy are in high demand across many sectors, becoming increasingly important in manufacturing, information and computer systems, transportation, public safety, and others. These “portable” skills help future-proof your career, offering many options for changing to new fields as opportunities arise in an evolving labor market.

Career Choices

The Advanced Energy industry offers vast opportunities within a well-defined “value chain."  Use this decision tree to see what energy career might be right for you!  Click to expand:

Energy Career Decision Tree

Priority Occupations

The table below lists the priority occupations for the Advanced Energy industry and links to their corresponding US Department of Labor definitions.

Occupation Links to US Department of Labor Definition

Is an Advanced Energy Career Right for You?

Choosing a career or deciding to change to a new field can be a daunting decision. The good news is that there’s a clear and straight-forward process to help you make this decision. This process can be useful in guiding your exploration of careers that are the best fit for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Look at the economic realities.
  2. Get in touch with your interests.
  3. Explore your career options.
  4. See how much you can earn.
  5. Check out your local community college.

Visit the California Career Café Pathway Guide to Energy Efficiency & Utilities for more career exploration tools and resources.