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The Advanced Energy Industry is Big,
and It’s Growing

California is home to more than 40,000 businesses serving Advanced Energy markets, currently employing 431,800 workers. About half of all industry firms expect to add employees during the coming year, for more than 70,000 new jobs – a 17% projected increase.

Energy efficiency is by far the largest segment of the California Advanced Energy economy, representing 70% (303,117) of jobs statewide. Advanced electricity generation, the next largest segment, contributes nearly 95,000 jobs, or 22% of the total.

The most common Energy, Construction and Utility occupations, representing 86% of all Advanced Energy jobs, are described in this table:

EE&U Occupation TypeWhat it entails
Building Envelope All elements of a building’s outer shell that maintain a dry, heated, or cooled indoor environment and facilitate an energy-efficient enclosure.
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) The technology of indoor environmental comfort which provides thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality as well as efficient energy use in heating and cooling.
Lighting The design, installation, and maintenance of lighting systems, incorporating natural light or electric light - or both – and reducing energy consumption.

How the Industry is Organized

The Advanced Energy industry is organized within a well-defined “value chain” for new construction and energy efficiency retrofits for commercial office buildings, as depicted in this graphic:

Energy Efficiency & Utilities Value Chain

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